My Music Staff

Happy Spring!

Change is in the air! We’re moving to a brand spanking new studio space in just a couple of weeks, we’re gearing up for our Spring concert, we have a couple of other fun things up our sleeves for the coming months, and… we’ve updated our studio managing system to make administration a breeze!

We’re very pleased to be using the My Music Staff managing website and have sent you the login info that you’ll need to get set up with your account and calendar.

We like My Music Staff for a number of reasons (other than how great it is in helping us teachers stay organized and that it automates a lot of administrative duties online). Two of the best features are – the event creation function (regular and make-up lesson planning), and the automated invoicing feature. When students need to schedule for make-up lessons, it is often time-consuming to communicate with parents/students which time slots work well for both parties. By creating a “make-up lesson” event, students can easily register for it by logging into their student portal and a confirmation email will be sent to both parties. Students will be able to see all available make-up lesson slots the teacher has created on the schedule and choose the ones that best suit their schedule.

One thing that we’d like to see with My Music Staff in the future is support for multi-teacher lesson planning and administrative usefulness.

Thanks for your continued support and patience as we make some changes this Spring. We’re excited to use this time-saving program to get to the more important aspect of our jobs: making music with you!

Looking forward!


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