Fall… into a super fun group class!

Sorry… humour isn’t our forte 😉

Announcing more group playing opportunities for students next fall:

  • Creative Moments Preschool Music (ages 3 – 4) with Brenda Paddon
  • Annette’s Young Musicians (ages 4 – 5) with Ruby Chung
  • Annette’s Junior Choir (ages 5 – 7) with Emma Wallace
  • Annette’s Intermediate Choir (ages 8 – 11) TBD
  • Coffee & Choir (Adult choir) with Julie Sousa
  • NEW ~ Group Piano – Level 1* with Julie Sousa

Group lessons are more than the sum of their individual parts! Playing in an ensemble allows students to develop team skills, as well as learning balance, intonation, rhythm and performance etiquette in a group setting.


*Group Piano is appropriate for those students who have completed a primary method book, or have basic knowledge of note reading/primary skills.

*Lesson schedule TBD

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