Ben Lee

Ben Lee is a musician and performer, having studied both throughout his life. His love of traditional New Orleans jazz and blues formed the foundation of his musical career, though he also performs as a guitarist in vintage soul and R&B. Since 2016, he has performed on the tenor banjo with one of Toronto’s longest-running traditional jazz bands, the Happy Pals. In addition, he performs with traditional jazz trio the West End Riverboat Band and in 2017, played with celebrated New Orleans jazz clarinetist Dr. Michael White. Aside from traditional jazz, Ben leads his vintage soul group, Benson Lee & the Wildmen and plays classic rock & roll in other outfits.

Ben also works as a community arts facilitator and has a passion for working within marginalized communities. In addition to his teaching at Annette Street Music, he works with the Regent Park School of Music, PARC community drop-in, and the Holland-Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital; variously leading drop-in music sessions and art workshops designed for integrating people with special needs and typically-developing communities.

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