Creative Moments: Preschool Music

This unique and original program has been designed specifically for children ages 3 & 4, and blends preliminary piano skills and music theory with strengthening phonological awareness and pre-reading development.

Each week (for this 8 week session) we focus on building piano and music theory foundations, rhythmic skill, singing popular and traditional rhyming songs to improve onset & rime awareness, playing fun musical games targeted to enhance syllable identification, using age-appropriate acoustic instruments, and interpreting sound in the most organic form – movement/dance!


Class breakdown:

Our class gets kids moving to the music at the beginning of class, shaking to the beat and using instruments to learn about and practice rhythm. Kids will learn some basic music theory and piano skills – (playing on the black key sets of 2’s and 3’s — discovering high sounds/low sounds/long & short sounds on the piano..), and sing fun rhyming songs to further develop language skills. Class may wrap up with flashcard games and verbal expression development though story time.

Our one-hour program is a drop-off* class and we encourage parents to bring water/juice and a small snack for our break time.

*Parents and care givers are welcome to stay close by depending on the child’s needs.

This program takes place in the front room of our studio on Jane Street (just south of Annette St).