Fall programs with a special group music focus

We’re excitedly introducing a few new programs this fall that support ensemble playing and music-making! Group classes provide our community of students with an opportunity to experience the benefits of rehearsing, creating, and working cooperatively. We believe it also creates strong, flexible musicians!

Annette Street Band

This unique Thursday afternoon program is back with fearless band leader, Mike Evin. With returning band members, this class is open to adding a couple of newcomers to contribute to the band’s creative dynamic!

Annette Street Choir

This special program is so near and dear to our hearts – we couldn’t be more pleased that we are finally reintroducing it to our fall line-up. With Vanessa Colucci breathing new life into the Choir’s programming, this Saturday morning class is sure to spark joy in our lucky participating students. Best suited for students aged 7yrs – 11yrs.

Group Piano I

Brand new to our studio, this small group piano class is best suited for students who have completed a preliminary piano course (or, 1 year of prelim lessons), and are currently in Level 1 of a piano methods series. Our group class is set to take place on Thursdays, 6 – 6:30PM with instructor Julie Sousa!

Preliminary Theory I

Also brand new, this group theory class is best suited (and highly recommended) for students who are currently playing piano at a Level 1 RCM, or Level 2A/B Faber Piano series (or similar) proficiency. Students who are currently studying string instruments or voice are also welcome!

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or if you’d like to chat in more detail about registration options!

Free Summer Choir Series!

The Ford Government’s budget cuts suck and are damaging for our children’s futures, so we are more motivated than ever to support the kiddos in our community by offering a Summer Choir series FREE of charge for children ages 6 through 9 years.

We’re conducting a small survey/study to see what scheduling works best for YOU. Please take a moment to let us know what works best for your summer days! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QDMSDZR

Instructor Vanessa Colucci will lead our group through a fun and creative journey with voice activities, encouraging proper vocal hygiene and habits, understanding basic breath work, and all while singing fun accessible songs for all!

Our program will take place on Wednesdays; timing TBD. July 10 / July 24 / Aug 7th. Sign up for 1, 2, or all 3 sessions!

Please email: info@annettestreetmusic.com or call 416-992-0652 for more info.

Feel free to share & spread the word, however registration will be first come first served as spaces are limited!

Annette Street Band!

Introducing …


(Real band name to be decided by the band members!)

Annette Street Music is starting a pop and rock & roll band, and we’re looking for adventurous musicians to join! 

If you’re:

  • a singer
  • a piano player 
  • a guitar player 
  • a songwriter
  • a budding percussion player (learn on the job!)

We could use your talents!!

Singing is a bonus for all the instrumentalists. 

We’ll meet every week, Thursdays from 4:30pm – 5:30pm beginning October 4th, and here are some things we’ll do:

  • learn how to play popular songs in a group context with fun arrangements
  • write our own songs as a group and arrange them together
  • rehearse songs for a live performance

Playing in a band is an incredibly valuable experience that goes way beyond music. We’ll learn how to listen to each other, work as a team and support each other. Most importantly though, we’ll rock out and have lots of fun!

Space is very limited to 5 band members, so if you’re interested please don’t hesitate to let us know — and sign up for our free preview class on Thursday Sept 27th!


email: info@annettestreetmusic.com

Can’t wait to rock out with you soon!!



Fall… into a super fun group class!

Sorry… humour isn’t our forte 😉

Announcing more group playing opportunities for students next fall:

  • Creative Moments Preschool Music (ages 3 – 4) with Brenda Paddon
  • Annette’s Young Musicians (ages 4 – 5) with Ruby Chung
  • Annette’s Junior Choir (ages 5 – 7) with Emma Wallace
  • Annette’s Intermediate Choir (ages 8 – 11) TBD
  • Coffee & Choir (Adult choir) with Julie Sousa
  • NEW ~ Group Piano – Level 1* with Julie Sousa

Group lessons are more than the sum of their individual parts! Playing in an ensemble allows students to develop team skills, as well as learning balance, intonation, rhythm and performance etiquette in a group setting.


*Group Piano is appropriate for those students who have completed a primary method book, or have basic knowledge of note reading/primary skills.

*Lesson schedule TBD

Spring and Summer 2018 Program Offerings!

Spring has finally sprung! We’re so pleased to announce our Spring & Summer Program line-up for you:

Coffee & Choir
Choral Group for Parents and Non-Parents Who Don’t Mind Little Babes

Wednesdays, 6pm - 7pm. July 11th - August 15th

Thursdays, 11am - 12pm. July 12th - August 16th

6 weeks. Investment: $60

This summer series meets on Wednesday evenings (6 – 7pm), and Thursday mornings, (11am – 12pm). Aimed to provide an alternative to traditional mum-and-tot circle groups, this 6-week session provides novice singers an opportunity to get out with their tot (or not!) and sing fun and familiar tunes that we all know and love. Think: Death Cab for Cutie, Chvrches, Robyn, Coldplay, Portugal. The Man, & more!
Each class members will also receive a coupon to grab a coffee or other beverage downstairs at Golden Gecko Coffee! Come on out – sing – get caffeinated!


Summer Workshop Series for Kids
Musical Group Activities for Children ages 6yrs – 11yrs

Wednesday July 11th / Wednesday July 25th

Thursday August 16th / Thursday August 23rd

9am - 4pm | with extended care available

Wholesome lunch provided

Investment: $45 / day | extended care fee extra

We’ve come up with what we believe to be a holistic blend of unique and highly engaging activities for children ages 6 – 11yrs in 4 full-day workshops throughout July & August. Sign up for any one or more of these workshop days. Bring a friend and you’ll both receive $5 off / day!

*Weather permitting, we will be bringing students out to Lessard Park for an outdoor break, and/or to engage in some of our activities there

Wednesday July 11th – Music is Life
AM – We’ll take a tour through history and learn all about composers from long ago!
PM – Express yourself through movement to music with our yoga & dance class. Students will make a take-home art piece inspired by different musical genres.

Wednesday July 25th – Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork
AM – Experience a full day of ensemble play! Explore what it’s like to play in different orchestral sections.
PM – Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm! Participate in ultra-fun rhythm and dance games, and we’ll end the day with an ensemble performance for parents / caregivers!

Thursday August 16th – Life is Like Jazz… it’s Best When You Improvise
AM – Improvisation and dramatic scene work. Develop improv skills with stimulating “ice-breaking” activities designed to get us thinking quickly! Write our own short scenes with musical accompaniment.
PM – Songwriting Workshop!

Thursday August 23rd – Hands up, Hearts Out
AM – A day of singing our hearts out! Morning voice and body warm up/exercises & group dynamic games.
PM – Process further learning through movement and feeling: Students will engage in kinesthetic activities that stimulate the mind and promote free expression through action!


Evening Master Class Series
Seminars and Performance Opportunities for Intermediate and Advanced Students

Dates TBD


Join us for one or more of these master classes:

Dynamics: Bringing Music to Life

Song Structure: Breaking Down Popular Hits

GarageBand: 101


Please email us: info@annettestreetmusic.com, or call 416-992-0652 for registration!

Don’t see something that you wish you could have access to? We’d love to hear your ideas for future programming topics / activities.

Looking forward to a wonderfully musical summer with you!

~ASM Team

In home lessons available: Fall ’17


Just a quick message to say that we have heard your requests to add in-home lesson spots and we’d like to accommodate you! We’ve asked our fantastic instructor Gina Lee to travel to your home for classes this fall. Gina teaches piano lessons and is available on Wednesday evenings 🙂

*In-home lessons available for students living in the Bloor West / Baby Point Gates area.

Please email for more info.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!


Holiday Choir Session!

We’re SUPER pumped to announce that we’ll be holding an all-you-can-sing FREE HOLIDAY SESSION for all choir lovers out there! We’d like to give back to our wonderful community and offer a holiday choir session for kids ages 7-12 to come on by, sing their little hearts out and learn some fun and practical music theory along the way. This is a totally free 4-week session!

When: Sunday’s, Nov 20th – Dec 11th
Time: 1:00 – 2:00pm
Where: 317 Jane Street – lower level studio room
Instructor: (the Fabulous) Shari Porter

Please email info@annettestreetmusic.com to reserve your spot and ensure that your son or daughter gets to experience this musical holiday treat!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Good Musical Morning: Summer Day Camp at ASM

Registration for Annette Street Music’s Summer Camp program is open! We have just a few spots left! This unique weekday morning program is a diverse and fun camp curriculum designed to inspire your child to create, explore, and learn new music. Here is what Good Musical Morning entails:

1. Learning different musical genres (from Baroque to Pop!) – we expose your children to the best music from around the world!

2. Music Composition/Theory – basic theory will be taught to help students create their own melodic tunes.

3. Yoga/Body movements – that’s right, we can’t feel music unless we are using our body. We aim to let students feel the music from within and encourage self expressed movement.

4. Solo/Ensemble Performance – the goal of the week is to put together a performance for one another (musicians communicate by sharing their music!). We will also make our own instruments to make this performance truly their own.

5. Toronto Summer Music Festival – one full day* of music for our campers when we take an exciting field trip to see a live performance at the Toronto Summer Music Festival. *Afternoon pick-up time will be affected on this field trip day.

Don’t miss this incredible music journey full of fun, creativity and action! Contact us at info@annettestreetmusic.com, or 416-992-0652 register today!

This Good Musical Morning camp will be held for two ages groups on the following weeks:

5 – 7yrs: July 13 – 17th, 9am – 12pm (July 17th – field trip – extended day)

8 – 10yrs: July 20 – 24th, 9am – 12pm (July 23rd – field trip – extended day)

Investment: $170/week

The Journey of Scales

Playing scales on the piano used to be a dreaded part of my musical practice. My music teacher would assign me different keys each week along with the corresponding broken and solid arpeggios. It wasn’t until an instructor of mine in university brought up the reasons behind using a scale and all the variations within it that I realized that scales can be fun and expressive. To me, scales meant you had to play a succession of keys with the same fingering up and down a keyboard with only tempo and articulation being the changing variables. But scales are much more than that. They are the journey that is laid out before us that can inspire many things such as creative freedom and expression.

Sure, doing scales over and over again will increase stamina, speed, precision, and muscle memory. Not to mention you are becoming more and more acclimatized to the landscape of the piano. However, as beneficial as I was told this was to me, it was NOT fun. Especially when a metronome was brought into the picture. Then in university my professor instructed me to close my eyes as I played the scale. I felt scared at first because this was something new. Even though I was playing the exact same thing, I felt like the freedom to just feel the keys under my fingers and to no longer worry about looking at the keys allowed me to enjoy playing a scale that much more. This small variation within what I considered a mundane thing gave me a feeling of power over the keys. I came to see and understand it as a limitation that created a sense of freedom and control over something I used to feel I had no control or “say” about.

As I see it, scales are part of the rules of the road. You are taught these universal rules because everyone needs a baseline understanding of where everything is on the piano so that they can navigate in an organized way. But these rules of the road are also around when you decide to venture out on your own exciting road trip and journey. If we can see these rules as tools to help us to travel and explore the world of the piano, then we can truly enjoy the journey and know that we can always find our way home is something that learning our scales enables us to do.

Post by: Laura Thompson

ASM Summer Camp

Annette Street Music is hosting a summer camp this year!

This morning camp will be held the week of July 7 – 11th and Aug 4 – 8th from 9am – 12:30pm. Kids ages 7 – 10 will be able to play with, create, and perform music here at our new Jane St studio.

Our daily schedule varies from day to day, but each day will include a musical morning warm-up (for body + voice), singing activities, music history classes, craft sessions, instrumentation and ear training lessons, and the kids will perform a solo and group piece by the end of the week! This camp is open to all existing and new students.

Cost for each week is $150/child.