**This program is currently on hiatus**

Designed to meet the unique needs and developmental potential of 4-5 year olds, AYM develops each student’s comprehensive musical ability through singing, rhythmic movements, music appreciation, and an introduction to keyboard playing. Our course is designed to inspire children to love music and open up a life-long journey of music learning.

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Course breakdown:
Singing- the voice is the most natural instrument for children to understand the expression of music from within their body and mind. A good musical ear is most effectively developed through this personal medium.

Rhythmic movements- out of the three elements of music: sound, rhythm and dynamics; the latter two depend entirely on body movement. The body is the best way for children to grasp rhythm and dynamics internally. Through rhythmic movement exercises, the whole body is transformed into an “inner ear” to feel and express music.

Music appreciation- the best musicians are cultivated with the highest quality of teachers and teaching materials. No music is too good for children. This course will take them through the four Western music periods plus one unit on world music to expose them to the best music around the world!

Keyboard playing- the keyboard is one of the most versatile instruments. AYM aims to teach the fundamentals of keyboard playing to students so they can put all elements of learning into practical application. This will involve basic theory for music reading.


We’re currently accepting enrollment for the Fall 2018 Session, Tuesdays @6:15 – 7:00PM. Please contact us at if you’d like more information about the next session.